Nara G Murali

Enhancing the quality being the fundamental principle of life, I believe that a stratergic balance between technology development and natural laws has to be attained, without devaluing either. I go by the saying, “Dream Big , Think differently, Think ahead and plan for the best.” The SMSLA’s foundation has been laid keeping this vision in focus, the driving principles in being an Enterprise of quality and integrity to serve the Indistry by relationship and trust. Let me hope that this mission expands onto new horizons along with our commited team.

Sharadha Murali

Greetings to all from SMS Labs. As a team, our basic aim is to safeguard the quality of life. In this regard, we serve the role of technical partner to industries in the continuous development of quality in Industrial processes and their products . We can achieve this by providing a time to time advisory role by continuously monitoring and analyzing the industrial data in accordance with national and international standards. We, thus, strive to increase the overall quality of human life, which is the eternal vision of our founder.

Suresh Kumar

"One of the fundamental responsibilities of SMS Labs Management is to establish and implement continuing programs to ensure a reliabile and verifiable analytical data to the Industry and Government. Special attention to quality and process control is paramount in our laboratories. Consistent quality systems have been employed at our laboratory to have legally defensible results which fulfills the national and international standards for accreditations, certifications, and licensing. Our main agenda is to make life safe."

Assoc. VP

In line with our founder’s vision, the main aim of our organization is to provide the scientific and accurate data generation to the industry and associate with them in making decisions to get safe and quality products, also, mitigating and controlling the environmental contaminants to provide a safe living environment. We, thus, serve as a platform for industries to enhance the quality of their products to international standards and elevate them to global competence.