Integrity is at the heart of SMSLA. The laboratory has evolved its code of conduct to ensure integrity for every arena of its operations. The SMSLA code of conduct applies to all its employees, directors, contractors, consultants, freelancers, joint-venture partners, agents, subcontractors and everyone acting on behalf of, or representing SMSLA. The code enshrines the core principles of professional ethics and social values which is shared throughout SMSLA. The quality control team of the laboratory oversees every activity to make sure that SMSLA is reliable, trustworthy, and foolproof.

  • • SMSLA functions within the framework of laws of the country it operates.
  • • SMSLA is accurate and precise in reporting its findings
  • • SMSLA is keeping DATA safe
  • • SMSLA transactions are through legal entities.
  • • SMSLA does not tolerate discrimination.
  • • SMSLA does not disclose third party data and abides privacy acts.
  • • SMSLA ensures transparency and information security
  • • SMSLA follows the export control and customs regulations in all countries where it has business.
  • • SMSLA complies occupational health and safety law and regulations.
In order to realize the above aspects, SMSLA Staff Training team identifies the long-term measures of remediation and enhancements to procedures, processes, methods, controls, systems, and human resources and accordingly trains staff to ensure the integrity of the laboratory.

SMSLA has a detailed preventive action plan and an internal audit team to ensure integrity. If you find any non-compliances/violations, please mail to: Based on comprehensive investigations, SMSLA shall take appropriate disciplinary actions to maintain its integrity in accordance with the laws of the land.